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Charity Organizations

What is charity? Charity is to give to others that which belongs to you. When you give to charity, you experience happiness. Do you know why? Because when you let go of something that you love, you give happiness to others. For most people that one thing is money. Even if you have the slightest thought of taking away something from others, you yourself create various obstructions and difficulties in your life.

Charity Organizations in Pakistan

Charity is of great importance in every religion of the world. There is no religion that does not support and promote the individuals to help others. In our previous discussions have had a thorough insight into the importance of charity and the role it plays in benefiting the donor as well as the receiver. Here we will be giving a look at the literary meaning of some of the relevant terms of charity to enhance our understanding. Top 15 Charity Organizations in Pakistan

According to the dictionary, a charitable organization is a kind of non-profit organization also called as NPO. An NPO is much different than other types of organizations. The idea of non-profit organization is based on the philanthropic goals and deals with the social benefits of people around us. This might include the charity, religious, educational and other activities that serve the common good and public interest. Top 15 Charity Organizations in Pakistan

When it comes to talking about the legal definition of non-profit organizations, it varies from one country to another. In this manner, the tax treatment, regulations, and other laws have an impact on the charitable organization and its working module. Often, these organizations depend on the donations from for-profit organizations. Top 15 Charity Organizations in Pakistan

History of Charity Organizations

Till the mid of 18th century, the charity was distributed via parish relief, almshouses, churches and bequests that were earned from the rich people of the society. These charities were also accountable for health, education and housing of prisons in some cases. Established in entire Europe, the almshouses were meant to provide residence to poor and old people. The first registered almshouse was founded back in 10th century by King Athelstan. Top 15 Charity Organizations in Pakistan

However, now in the 19th century onward, the things have changed a lot. There are better and pre-defined rules for these organizations and they are working on a diverse range of projects with the core aim of serving the humanity and improving the lives of people. There are hundreds of registered organizations that are working for the betterment of people on one or more causes. Top 15 Charity Organizations in Pakistan

List of top 15 Charity Organizations in Pakistan:

? Transparent Hands Trust

? Edhi Foundation

? Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital

? Chhipa Welfare Association

? Aurat Foundation

? Shahid Afridi Foundation

? Ansar Burney Trust

? Darul Sukun

? Minhaj Welfare Foundation

? Aga Khan Foundation

? Al-Khidmat Foundation


? Fatimid Foundation

? Fauji Foundation

? Khushaal Pakistan




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