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Murree, Pakistan

  Murree is located in province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is about thirty kilometers from Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. Its altitude is about 2291 meters. It is famous for hill resorts and snow falls that usually starts in December till February. Even in summer the weather is cool and pleasant. From Islamabad or Rawalpindi you can easily hire a car and when you reach there, number of hotels are available to stay with affordable prices.


Mall Road Murree

    One of the crowded place in Murree is Mall Road.  This is a place where you can find different tasty food items, KFC, Pizza Hut, tea and coffee stalls that are in open area, dresses that belongs to Pakistani tradition, very nice handmade crafts, and jewelry. The prices are high but you can bargain and easily buy with your own price. 


New Murree

    Another beautiful place near Murree is New Murree or Patriata. This is well developed hill station that is nearly 16 km from Murree. The best way to enjoy that nature is to hire a chair lift after the chair lift the journey continues with cable car. Cable car takes you to Patriata Hill station that is very beautiful place to stay. Down the hill, monkeys are there and greenery everywhere. In this hill station you can buy fast foods like smoosa, chanaa chat, pakoras, chips, tea and soft drinks.  From Murree you can also hire a car but with expert driver to reach that beautiful place. 



    The next picnic spot in Murree is Ayubia. It was the name of second president of Pakistan. It is situated on the top of mountain. It has National Part that is surrounded by some villages, for entertain visitors. In winter season the park is usually snowcapped. 


Pindi Point

    You can also enjoy chair lift in Pindi Point that is 20 minute walk from Mall Road Murree. The view of roads from height is a wonderful experience. Everywhere is greenery and down the hill you can see animals.



    Nathiagali is also an important and worth visiting place in Murree. It is situated about 40 km from Murree. Beautiful natural scenery and Nanga Parbat mountain is viewed from there and its clear climate fresh the mind.




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