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Samsung Galaxy Note Series

The most noteworthy difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series is the stylus, though the larger size of the device is appealing too. If you?re looking for a smartphone-tablet-hybrid, then the Samsung Galaxy Note series is for you.


The Samsung Galaxy note entered the market during a time when people preferred small phones to big ones. Samsung fixed this misconception with the birth of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Its large size and performance wooed people into accepting this new phone, and within no time, it was the talk of the town ? everyone wanted to own this phone. The Note Phablet also came with a stylus that allowed its users to take notes.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Like the innovative company it is, Samsung did not rest with the first Note model but continued to the next model, Galaxy Note 2. It was better, had a larger display with improved battery, RAM, and processor. The S pen was more evolved in this model with a cursor like functionality added to its purpose.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Next was Samsung Note 3, and as usual, the phone came with more improvements. This time, Samsung focused on the hardware. The new experience with the smartphone camera started with this model as it came with a 13-megapixel camera, an improvement over the Note 2?s 8-megapixels. The screen size also increased to 5.7 inches. The new infrared blaster allowed its users to send commands to other devices.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 2014 came with a more aesthetically pleasing phone. The new metal frame feature attracted users who were keen on the cell phone?s design. Its screen resolution was also something to write home about, especially at a time when Apple boasted about its iPhone 5C and S models. With a QHD resolution and the fingerprint sensor on the home button, the new design gave Samsung lovers a reason to upgrade. Most of those on the fence between Apple and Android jumped into the Samsung world with this model. It was, until recently, known as the best of the Note Series.


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

When Samsung released Note 4, they also released Note Edge. This one was very similar to Note 4 but featured a curved display screen. However, the attempt at a luxury display screen wasn?t very well received. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was much more popular. The phone did, though, come with an improved organization for apps but didn?t improve on the camera. Because of the new features, Samsung upped the prices for the Note Edge in comparison to the Note 4. It was not worth the extra cash.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5

After the Note 4 and the Note Edge fiasco, one would think that Samsung might relax with over-saturation. So, with the release of Note 5, everyone was waiting to see what Samsung would release. During the fall of 2015, release Note 5, and like all other new models, it came with some innovative changes. Samsung made aesthetic changes with a new lustrous predominately metal and glass construction. These surface changes were enough to get old as well as new customers on board. The fingerprint sensor was also improved ? including more advanced technology and a more responsive user face. When it comes to the Note, you can?t overlook the S pen. With the Note 5, the S pen introduced the auto-eject mechanism. Once users ejected the S pen, they could write on a note immediately without needed to open any apps.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As people were enthusiastically waiting for Samsung Note 6, Samsung surprised them by releasing the Galaxy Note 7, skipping the Galaxy Note 6 people expected. Their reasoning was to keep the Note Series in line with the S series.

Like all other models, Note 7, came with reimagined functionality. The phone had a 5.7-inch curved screen and improved display. It had also added some features to the S pen, including the iris scanner. This feature allowed users to unlock the phone from the S pen.

It is certainly worth noting that unlike all the other models, the Galaxy Note 7 got recalled as soon as it hit the market. Some users even complained that the Note 7 was overheating and bursting into flames. Although the company recalled the model and tried to amend the problem, the same problem was reported among its users. This issues led to a complete recall and stoppage of production by the company. However, some software updates were issued to those who wished to keep their phones to avoid the same problem from recurring.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The product problem that arose with Note 7 did not stop Samsung from producing another Note model. The company had learned from its previous mistakes, and in 2017, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8. Unlike the earlier versions, this one had the biggest screen. Its resolution display was also more advanced. The new version also had improved storage as it moved from the previous 4GB RAM to 6GB RAM.

For those who appreciate the phone because of the Samsung smart camera, Note 8 camera was more advanced than the previous models and even better than other company?s phones of the same caliber.

The phone included another Samsung Galaxy camera at the rear, with the main one having 12-megapixels and a wide-angle lens. The second camera came with the same megapixels, but a lens that allowed more zooming for better pictures. The camera in this phone was excellent, to say the least, as it allowed users to produce colorful shots with many modes from which to choose. The camera also overcame the motion blur problem because of the OIS or the optical image stabilization technology.  This second picture also allowed users to capture even more quality pictures as it made it possible to take distant pictures with its increased focal length ability.

The phone also came with a Live Focus tool on its camera that allowed zooming of images while still defocusing the background to create elegant portrait pictures. It was still possible to adjust the blur post-shot as it eliminated the defectiveness created by the blurring. These and other features made the Note 8 model more popular than others in the same category, and it is still a choice of many to this date.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Late last year, Galaxy Note 9 followed the Note 8 model, and it immediately received the phone of the year award from its users. Unlike the previous version, this one has a 6.4 inches super AMOLED display with a front design that is very similar to the previous model. The model also comes with multiple RAM offerings ? 6GB or 8GB. The microSD card in this one can support 512GB data. It is also dust and water-resistant and also comes with high performing stereos.

Its battery is also of high quality as it is 4000mAh, which is different from the 3300mAh in the previous version.

The S-Pen in this model is more developed than that of the Note 8 model as it has come with Bluetooth capabilities. It is also possible to perform some tasks with the S-Pen by tapping the button. The S-Pen also comes with a better, which charges when it is in the silo.

For the Samsung smart camera lovers, the Note 9 model?s camera is very similar to the previous model as it has come with a dual-camera system that has a dual aperture and one lens.

At the moment, I can gladly vote Note 9 as the phone with the best camera set up as it makes it easy to take daily shots, whether for personal or professional use. Just the other day, Samsung released an update for this model, which allowed the night mode, among other fixes. Features like this obviously enhanced the phone?s capability, and it?s is also a relief to those who have been eagerly awaiting this update.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The newest Samsung Galaxy Note on the market, the 10 features a new and improved workflow ? from storage to battery life and everything in between. It?s like Samsung designed this smartphone with mobile content creators in mind. Even the S-Pen got reimagined, it now features remote controls ideal for shooting and editing video and still photos.

Samsung even boasts that the Note?s new and improved camera setup is like a ?Pro Studio in your Pocket.? But, how much did it improve over Note 9?s camera? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was released just after the smartphone photography? pop.? By this, we mean, there have been huge jumps in the performance of mobile phone cameras over the last two years. Note 10?s camera features all the things that the best cell phones of this period had, plus a little more.

Do note that reviewers tend to complain about the fact that the Note 10 has less built-in features and customizable options than previous Note versions (i.e., heart rate and oxygen monitors, changeable alarm and alert sounds, etc.). We feel that the reduction in features and customization doesn?t affect the phone?s ability to produce high-quality content.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is set to release sometime this summer, and the buzz is already beginning to build. Coming off the Note 10, it?s easy to see why.

And initial rumors about the Note 20 don?t disappoint. While Samsung has yet to weigh in on these reports, members of the industry speculate that the new offering will feature unreal battery life, an improved phone camera setup, and a completely redesigned display. Yes, say goodbye to the Selfie-Cam and hello to 100% screen coverage.


As far as the features of the camera go, we already know the Galaxy S20 features up to 100x hybrid zoom, improved Night Mode, multiple pro modes, and 8k video capability. So, what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 20?

Well, the Note offerings tend to improve slightly on the Galaxy S options, so expect big things. As more information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 becomes available, we will update this section.




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